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A culinary project focused in sea cuisine on a firewood kitchen & signature mixology.


Escama’s main components are fresh sea products. Thus, our priority is to have suppliers that can provide top-notch quality and practice sustainable fishing policies.


We work with local fishermen, and their products allow us to prepare a delicate selection of dishes, which, along with our distinctive wood fire cooking and spectacular live cooking shows, will delight the eye and palate of our guests. 


Our bar invites you to discover and find connections, located at the center of Escama, is the ideal space to sit down, relax, and enjoy a good moment in the finest company. 


Our team of expert bartenders has a distinctive style and trademark. Our team uses diverse ingredients to prepare their original drinks with different tasting notes: high-quality distillates, natural juices, seasonal fruits, homemade syrups, and bitters to find the perfect balance that will adapt to any palate. 


More than just drinking a cocktail, you will experience an exciting journey into the mixology world!


Respecting every step of the process is crucial to us.


The chef and his team, work under the Honest Kitchen concept, through which they share the philosophy of making a conscious selection of the ingredients resulting in a fully transparent experience for our customers, offering distinctive dishes with a genuine local flavor.

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